17 Things can do for your business in 2017’s virtual receptionist service has grown tremendously in the past year. Refining our existing features — and developing new ones to meet your needs — has kept us busy as we step into 2017. The list of things that our virtual receptionists can do for you and your business is ever-growing, but, in the spirit of ‘17, here are 17 of the most important ways our expert receptionists can assist you in the year ahead.

Why is the right choice for your law practice

We’ll be blunt: is the right answering service for your boutique law practice. Our friendly, professional, virtual receptionists are here to support you in running your firm to its fullest potential. Your receptionists will be US-based. You will not be charged per minute, but rather per call. Included in your call plan are a wide variety of features designed specifically to help you optimize your day, and manage incoming phone calls as efficiently and effectively as possible. The receptionists at strive to project the image you want for your business. Rest assured we are collecting and handling your clients’ information with the highest degree of professionalism.

5 Tips for a Perfect Voicemail Greeting

We have all, at some point, called a business and upon not reaching them received the dreaded default voicemail greeting. Not only is that mechanical voice off-putting, but the default greeting does not typically yield useful information if you wish to call the customer back. The goal of’s virtual reception service is to help you put your best foot forward, even when you are not interacting directly with a client. We have put together a short list to help you record a custom voicemail greeting that will keep current customers coming back, and ensure new leads will have a positive impression of your business, even when you cannot be there to make one.

Customize your after-hours voicemail message

Receiving calls after-hours is inevitable. Though you may not be available to answer customer calls, making the best impression possible is essential to retaining current customers and landing potential new leads.'s virtual receptionist service is dedicated to your success, even after business is done for the day. Never worry about callers reaching your after-hours voicemail and being met with a generic, impersonal greeting. You can provide with an audio file (ideally no longer than 30 seconds — people often hang up after that), and we will greet your callers with a custom voicemail message, for free.

Refine which calls reach your receptionists — and you

In our never-ending quest to reduce distractions and improve your workflow, has introduced three new features. Our intelligent system, in combination with our friendly, professional live receptionists work to provide you with effortless control when it comes to how your incoming calls are handled. All of our pros can now create a whitelist and a blacklist, as well as define the hours in which their receptionist is on duty.

Using Your Personal Phone for Business Bad Business

Having a personal phone is one of the benefits of modern-day technology, and it’s a good one! Gone are the days of sharing a family telephone or traveling somewhere to use a payphone. People today can bring their phone with them everywhere they go! While this is certainly progress, it has also blurred the lines that separate personal time from business hours.’s personalized telephone answering service offers a solution to this problem.