Can a Receptionist Be Too Chatty?

Receptionists are supposed to be the friendly face of your company, but sometimes they can be a bit too friendly. At that point, they become harmful to your business, (and possibly, even, a liability). Here are three chatty receptionist scenarios that can be avoided by hiring a virtual receptionist instead.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Smith Number

Your personal Smith number is much more than another telephone number to remember — it’s a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers, building a professional brand, and saving you time. It is included with every Smith package and is available as a local or toll-free number. If you are not sure how to best use your number, here are five of our favorite suggestions:

Using Conditional Call Forwarding with Your Number is designed to be your comprehensive call answering solution, but it is easy to use conditional forwarding to forward some incoming calls to your cell phone to your Smith receptionist. You can set up your phone to forward all calls, or only so calls to your Smith number will ring your cell phone, except in certain situations (depending on carrier). To get started, grab your personal Smith number and follow these easy steps:

The Indisputable Power of Text Messages

If you aren’t already using text messaging in your business, you may be missing out. Professionals are relying on text messaging as a way of staying efficient, focusing on their customers, and even reaching new markets. It’s not just a convenient messaging tool for teenagers; it is also a part of the American professional’s life.

Your Receptionist Should be Virtual

You’ve likely been in business long enough to know when you need help. Experience has proven there simply isn’t any way to answer all of your calls and get any work done. It can be a struggle to grow your business when you’re fielding all aspects of the work. It is time for a receptionist — someone that can handle the calls while making sure you hear about the important ones. But can you afford to hire help?